v0.2 Released

Hey peeps!

Just released an update to Lumina, with some important things fixed.

  • The Credits screen will now reload the game when you hit new game, the cursor is visible, and the esc key is disabled on this scren as well.
  • The cube model had an animation issue after loading the second level, that's been resolved.
  • MAJOR The jumping issue was fixed. I moved the code which applies the jump force directly into the Update method.
  • MAJOR The level manager completely clears the level now when a level is reloaded or the game is restarted.
  • The pause menu now has a Retry Level button.

I also added a couple new sounds, and tweaked the lighting a bit from the last version (specifically the light emission on the red lasers).

Thanks for checking out Lumina, and please feel free to download v0.2 and leave any comments and feedback!


Lumina v0.2.zip 25 MB
Aug 30, 2018

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